What Are Some Effective Ways To Kill A Snake I Found In My Yard?

Columbus snake

Killing A Snake in Your Yard
Once a snake enters your yard, you need to get it out. There are times when it will leave on its own, and times when you cannot take that chance. Snakes have the potential to cause damage and problems for you. Some snakes are small and somewhat harmless, yes, but the potential to bite is still there. You do not want that around your property. Whether you live alone or have children and pets, the risk of a bite is too great. Killing a snake is the best way to handle it. As long as it is not a protected species of snake, this is the best option available to you.

Traps do exist for snakes. Typically, these are enclosed glue traps with scents to attract the snake inside. They are highly effective and work well. You can trap a snake inside and blunt force or a weapon to kill it swiftly, so that it does not suffer. Do not leave the snake inside the trap to die of starvation and dehydration. These are terrible, painful ways to go. Give the snake a more humane way with some type of quick death. Other types of traps are on the market, including kill traps. You can find these traps online or in stores. Glue traps may be the most common type, but you can find ones of various methods available.

Find and Kill
If you can find where the snake is, you can grab it and kill it yourself. Using blunt force or some type of weapon, you can kill it quickly and without trouble. It is common for people to kill snakes this way and is straightforward. It will take some skill and time to do this, of course. You could catch it on your first try, but snakes are not easy targets. Going after them with only your hands, and maybe a stick or other type of item to keep it down, is going to take some time to manage.

Professional Services
Professional removal is another option available to you. Trapping and killing are doable, but not everyone has the time or ability. You can always contact a professional to handle the snake instead, covering both killing and disposing of the snake. Whatever you choose to do, you do not have to worry. It is easier to kill and remove a snake than you think.

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